Sunday, 8 June 2014

Winter Play


This morning was a clear but chilly morning. I wanted to make to the most of the lack of rain so we dressed up in coats, scarfs and boots and headed off to the park for the morning.

I strongly believe even during the colder months children need to get outside to play. I find for with Ella she needs to get outside, her behavior is always 10x better when she has been able to have a good run around outdoors.

On our trips to the park I like to let her take the lead. After a 10 minute walk we arrived at the park and the first place Ella headed was the playground.

After a lot of fun and many laughs on the playground Ella decided to explore the rest of the park. Together we ran up and down hilly slopes, slid down secrete slides, tip toed across bridges so we didn't wake up the "trolls" and found some hidden areas between and under trees.


  1. que monada

  2. Winter? In New Zealand? Its literally 22'C in direct sunlight in the UK. and this is full on summer.