Sunday, 18 January 2015

Weekend Throwback - Welcoming Ella (Warning: Graphic Content)

Hi Everyone,

For this weekend's blog post I wanted to share with you some very special photo's from Ella's birth. Ella was born in March of 2009 by Emergency C-Section after a very long labor.

I was promoted to share Ella's birth photo's after reading an article on Modern Mum about The Stigma of C-Sections. 

Due to exhaustion and pain medication's I don't remember a whole lot from Ella's birth ... But what I do rember is crying, I cried from the time my obstetrician told me we had to go to theater to the time I had my beautiful baby in my arms.

I spent one of the happiest days of my life crying because at the time I thought I had failed my first test of motherhood ... that test being labor! 

The only one of my friends to have children at the time had two amazing drug free birth's ... At the time of Ella's birth I was young a naive, I had an expectation that I was to were to have a natural straight forward birth.

Ella had to be born via C-Section due to Fetal Distress.

Ella's birth has taught me about the precious gift that is life and how suddenly life can change.

When you have children be prepared to expect the unexpected.

Over five years later I can now say I am proud of the way Ella was born, it has made me the mother I am today.

Warning: This blog post contains blood and guts!

(To See The Photo's Click Below)

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