Tuesday, 20 January 2015

School Holiday Craft Haul

Hi Everyone,

With a week in a half left of the school summer holidays, I have found Ella is starting to get a little bored.

Today I decided to walk down to our local Spotlight store and get some new craft supplies ... To keep her busy and so I can spend some quality time with her doing something we both love before she starts her second year a school.

The first thing to catch my eye in Spotlight were these star wands. I thought these  wands would be perfect for Ella and I to decorate and create our own magical wands.

Pipe cleaners .. A childhood staple! I have fond memories of creating with pipe cleaners when I was a child so when I saw this pipe cleaner set I just had to get it. The kit contains pipe cleaners, pom poms and eyes. After pursing Pinterest with Ella we have decided we want to use this kit to create animals.

Ella picked out these two felt hand sewing kits, they contain everything you need to create the pictured animal. I have not done any sewing with Ella yet, I am interested to see if she enjoys it.

The last thing  picked up were these wooden hearts. I am not entirely sure what I want to use these hearts for ...  though I am considering just giving them to Ella and letter her creativity run wild.

If you are intested in seeing the results of Ella and I's crafting there will no doubt be a blog post about it in the coming weeks.

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